An age-old tradition with a contemporary face 

Specialization, craftsmanship, flexibility, creativity, innovation in linen decoration fabrics : those are the values that we hold dear.


As a family business Deltracon continuously strives to build and maintain a personal relationship with every customer in order to guarantee creative results of the highest quality.

Every product, a perfect fit for the customer’s needs, desires and taste.


A brave vision on the future 

Deltracon accepts the challenge of facing a new world with new consumer desires and needs.


In the light of this philosophy Deltracon values an ecological and honest production and strives to preserve the cultural heritage of which the linen industry is a living example.

The flax fibres, meticulously chosen by Deltracon, are always of European origin and certified by Masters of Linen, the European linen promotion organisation of which Deltracon is a member.


The weaving and finishing of the linen fabrics and trimmings only take place in Belgium or other European countries with a great tradition and know-how in their field of specialization.

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Masters of Linen 

This label guarantees the origin and traceability of West-European flax of the highest quality.

Club Masters of Linen   

Belgian Linen guarantee

Deltracon’s products always have the Belgian Linen label, a quality label that promotes Belgian linen.


It ensures a high quality product produced with the typical and precious Belgian know-how.


The Belgian Linen label strives, together with its partners, to maintain and reinforce the good reputation of the Belgian linen industry, based on years of experience, knowledge, local expertise and traditional craftsmanship. 

Belgian Linen

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