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Deltracon is a family owned weaving mill of high end linen fabrics.
Deltracon was founded in 1990 by Rudy & Kathleen Delchambre. In 2013 their daughter, Darline, also started working in the company.

We produce linen fabrics for sheers, drapery, upholstery and wallcovering. Some or our fabrics are also used for bed- and table linen. Plains, dobbies, jacquards and embroidered fabrics are produced in 140/150 or 300 cm. Using natural noble materials has always been our passion. 

In 2009 we took over a Belgian trimming company and renamed it Flanders' Trimmings. 
This company produces high quality trimmings & tiebacks/tassels. 

After the unfortunate demise of Van Maele Weavers in October 2018, Deltracon decided not to let Van Maele’s history go lost since it suited so well with its’ own. 

We purchased 10 weaving looms with 24 shafts, the entire yarn stock, archives and the Van Maele name.

These additional looms will enable Deltracon to produce more complicated dobby designs and paperbacked wallcoverings. 

Deltracon treasures the past, present and is especially looking to the future since now a complete range of home furnishing fabrics can be offered. 

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